Web 2.0 seminar

Recently I did a web 2.0 seminar together with my colleagues, Mark Szulc and Andrew Spaulding. It was great fun. And I have to say Andrew was awesome. He was a coding machine. I have never seen anyone code like him with such confidence and posture when in front of a large audience. Sure he made mistakes like typos but he was so calm and read the debugger info and then made the correction. No sweat.

Anyway I was asked to do a recording of my part and I have done that and they are now for public viewing. Below are the details:

Flash Video (1 hour): http://mmse.acrobat.com/p12964264

The session highlighted a couple of examples of how websites used Flash Video effectively to communicate with their customers. Two deployment mechanisms were discussed: progressive download and streaming (via Flash Media Server). That was followed by a demo as to how to build a Flash app that streaming videos from the streaming server.

Flash Mobile (45 min): http://mmse.acrobat.com/p87978896

The sessions started with a few Flash Lite examples for mobile devices like the Nokia Symbian S60 series and the Windows Mobile 5 phones. Followed by the demo using Flash Professional 8 with the Flash Lite 2.1 authoring update. Testing of the content using the built-in phone emulator as well as the new and yet-to-come Adobe Device Central.

Spry Framework for AJAX (45 min): http://mmse.acrobat.com/p23756668/

The benefits of AJAX application were explained. Followed by the examples from the Spry Framework download. Then it was the demo that built a simple AJAX application that loaded various xml files and displayed the result in a sortable table.


~ by brianchau on February 28, 2007.

4 Responses to “Web 2.0 seminar”

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  3. The Videos have good content. But the speech articulation is not so good. It’s hard to follow the sentences because Accentuation of the Words is random().

    Please fix this, even for your own career.

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