Can tag alone can be used to display swf?

The typical way to insert an swf onto an html page is to use <object> and <embed> tags together for IE and non-IE browsers. However, when such page is validated against xhtml standard, it fails because of the presence of the <embed> tag. Recently I had accidentally written the following code to insert swf.

<object data=”myFlashAppName.swf” width=”700px” height=”150px”></object>

 Amazingly, IE 7 and FF 2 both displayed the swf correctly. Only difference was IE also displayed a border around the swf which I have not been able to make it hidden. Yesterday I went to a friend’s place where he had a Mac and I tested it on the Safari and it displayed the swf just as well.

I’m not sure if older versions of browsers would support using just <object> tag as above. And besides is there are other issues with this approach of insert swf that I haven’t come across yet. I think I would need more research on this. Any comments would be appreciated.


~ by brianchau on March 31, 2007.

One Response to “Can tag alone can be used to display swf?”

  1. There are two relevant articles on ALA you may find useful :

    Flash Embedding Cage Match
    ( )
    Flash Satay

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