Adobe CS 3 – What’s in it (part 2)

When Adobe acquired Macromedia, the software that I worried most was Fireworks. I like Fireworks very much and was wondering if it would survive in the Adobe world. I am really pleased to say that Fireworks comes out strong in the CS3 suite. The Fireworks CS3 features innovative “Pages” and “Master Pages” that make it ideal for doing web prototyping. And supports for native Photoshop file (including Photoshop layer effects) truly turns it into a great Photoshop companion software. Now if only it would add support for Photoshop live filters. Yeah, I know I am a bit greedy 🙂 I trust Fireworks would continue to do well in the web design space.


~ by brianchau on April 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “Adobe CS 3 – What’s in it (part 2)”

  1. Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

  2. With you there re Fireworks. Sooooo happy it’s there as a CS3 product but I still fear for it’s future safety. If Adobe kill it I will go ballistic. There’s no way I’m using Photoshop for web layouts.

    Also, hi Brian, just stumbled on your blog. Nice! Gotta agree with you re the music – Pink Floyd 😉

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