Dreamweaver CS3 has iFrame support

A very obscured feature I have overlooked is the support of iFrame in Dreamweaver CS3. It wasn’t even mentioned in the Help documentation. In the Layout insert toolbar, I noticed there is a new iFrame object. Somehow the Properties Inspector does not see the object. Fortunately, the Tag panel can be used to set the attributes of the object so I don’t have to resort to handcode all the time. Another point to note is that DW does not render the content in design view. I hope in future release, the object will be improved.


~ by brianchau on May 12, 2007.

20 Responses to “Dreamweaver CS3 has iFrame support”

  1. is it just me or was that bothersome, I have been working with Golive since it was owned by cyber Studio. DW seems like a mess and takes allot of work to figure out simple things that have been drag and drop since GoLive1.0 to bad adobe killed the program.

    thanks for the iframe info

  2. I agree, found your blog searching if it was me dumb or DW not supporting well iframe…. I switched again to golive… but I hope they will fix DW as golive will not have new versions 😦

  3. I know this post is old, but Brian – can you tell me WHERE in DWCS3 I can find this new iframe object? I’ve looked and looked and can’t locate it. Tutorials on the web aren’t helpful. Please let me know if you can. Thanks. Email me at april_hoffmann AT yahoo.com

  4. April, it is in the Layout toolbar, the 4th last object next to the Frames object.

  5. Wow I’m glad I saw this forum, I thought I was being stupid too. I also used GoLive for years, and loved the iFrame for scrolling text etc within a page. It’s so easy! In DW it’s totally different and really annoying, and I have yet to figure it out.

  6. The only way I’ve been able to figure it out so far was to go in to golive, make an iframe, bring it back in to dreamweaver, and study the tag attributes. Agreed that they should come up with something better than this for Dreamweaver though.

  7. Author, it’s your best post in this blog. I sent it to all my friends! Big thanks for article.

  8. I was having problems with how DW render the IFRAME. My work around is to put iframe inside a div.

  9. Hi webmaster!

  10. I also put the IFRAME in a div. From the menu go to ‘insert’ – ‘html’ – ‘frame’ and choose ‘iframe’. Then I choose ‘split’ to see both the code and design. I right-click on the ‘<iframe’ tag and choose edit tag. There you will have some better options. I hope that helps some.

    • I know this is old, Matt, but I’ve only just stumbled across it and it solved the problem more succinctly than anything I’ve seen – and there ain’t much around to help. You should write for Dreamweaver, they need you… Many thanks!

  11. Can some tell me how to do an iFrame please. When I click on the small picture it will go in the iFrame

  12. Matthew, click the iFrame object will insert the iFrame onto the page. Unfortunately, it only insert the code and you have to click refresh to see it in the display view. And to set the properties of the iFrame, you can do it with the Tag Inspector, not the Properties Inspector.

  13. I was trying to put a “simple viewer” photo gallery within my iframe in DW but like everyone else here…it wasnt working. Thanks to the posts above i figured it out. I had pulled the iframe code from golive and in previewing the page it looked great. ***BUT when I uploaded it it wasnt linking to the site file, rather the link was to the path on my home computer. Here is a sample of the updated code. The key was the code right after the src!!!

    props to matt elliot (above)

  14. …….

  15. stupid thing blocked my faux code <iframe src=”../../../Galleries/Baseball

  16. To add or change the iFrame attributes:
    1. select your iFrame
    2. open the Tag Inspector (Window > Tag Inspector)
    Here you can change your settings under the Atributes and Behaviour options

    Good luck!
    It takes some time to find Dreamweaver’s quali¡ties but when you do…


  17. I found this trying to figure out why my iframe code isn’t working with dreamweaver-it’s just a blank white table-frustrating!

  18. I am new to iFrame and will try this suggestions hope it will work. Thanks to all of you.

  19. That just made my life so much simpler as a DW noob. Never even thought to use the tag editor… huh. Guess I still have a lot to learn. Thanks a lot!

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