Windows Mobile 6 on my i-mate JASJAM

I have updated my JASJAM with Windows Mobile 6 recently. Got the Black Shadow ROM from The HTC Home Screen is so pretty and everything works very well. It is great that this phone is so upgradeable so that I am never bored. word of caution though. In case you want to try it on your phone too, make sure you read all the instruction first or you risk “bricking” the phone.

Updated: Just when I thought I had the phone setup exactly the way I like, JJ (the chef who cooked the ROM) has updated the WM6 ROM and the newer version is called Black Majik. Upgraded my phone last night and this version is even more customizable. Cool.

 Updated: I think I have the most beautiful Today’s screen with my phone. I really like the 3 big icons as they were created by myself, well sort of 🙂

 70718-1937291.jpg     70718-1937432.jpg     70718-1937481.jpg

Updated: I have tried the latest Black Satin but found that Black Majik works best for me. So back to Majik. Now that I seemed to have found my perfect WM6 ROM and with no other ROMs in the horizon, I fear I may start to have the withdrawal symptoms 😦

Updated: So much temptation. I couldn’t resist trying out some other ROMs out there. Recently I have flashed my phone with Dutty’s Supa Dupa ButtonFLO ROM + eFrost TouchFLO. I love this combination very much. It is as close to having the HTC TouchFLO as I can get. I think I will keep this for a while. Links below:

Update: Yes, time has come again for another upgrade. I have flashed the Windows Mobile 6.1 beta on my JASJAM. Details at another post:


~ by brianchau on June 28, 2007.

102 Responses to “Windows Mobile 6 on my i-mate JASJAM”

  1. Hello, how do you upgrade your jasjam to WM6? cold you please show me how. thank you

  2. as I was upgrading with JJ’s Black Majik ROM, I followed the instruction on:

    Make sure you read the instruction carefully and follow it step by step.

    The most critical part is the flashing the HardSPL. This is important to safegaurd against “bricking” your phone.

    Please make sure you know what you are doing as flashing ROM like that is going to void the warranty from Telstra or imate.

    Good Luck and have fun.

  3. the URl provided above is fine, however it does not give u access to all the binaries. so u end up in the middle with nothing, dont follow it.

  4. JJ is working on his next update called Black Satin and has removed the installer for the previous versions like Majik or Shadow. You can learn more at his web site at:

    No ETA date yet. Will update this post when Satin is released.

    Meanwhile, you may read the Hermes upgrade guide by vanx ( to get yourself familiar with the upgrade process. There are links in the guide to download the latest Radio ROM and SPL which are important before you upgrade the WM6 ROM. Again, read the instruction very carefully or your may end up with a “bricked” phone.

  5. thanks, i followed everthing and managed to upgrade the radio also, waiting for ROM upgrade to be availlable.

  6. If you have been waiting for the WM6 ROM from JJ, great news. He has just released that as the Black Satin. Check this out at:

    I would probably give it a try too although I am already very statisfied with his last WM6 ROM, the Black Majik.

  7. Put Black Satin on my imate Jasjam last night with the radio upgrade. Everything works great, including all software. Got rid of all the crappy telstra stuff as well. what a bonus. (All except the first telstra boot image) Thanks to every one involved.

  8. Why would you want to upgrade to 6?, I have a jasjam with WM5 and i would NOT recommend it to anyone. That is unless you enjoy waiting on average 4-5 seconds for the system to respond to a button press, unless you like missing calls because the system has locked up, unless you giggle when you are busy and just need your phone to work fast and reliably and is DOES NOT or unless you work for the government and time does not matter and “o my its’ doing it again – thats ok i have all day to wait for this piece of junk to get it’s shit together”.
    When I was looking for a new phone i imagined all the good things it was going to do and they did them great (in my head). Then once i had purchased the phone (jasjam) it was disapointment time and time again.
    I can NOT see this upgrade being so different to my version 5. Therefore for my advise – best to avoid.
    (BTW – the software i have on the devise has the WM5.0 logo (it’s not the additional – minimal software))

  9. Would you recommend to upgrade to the versions offered by 4winmobile?

    I just bought a JASJAM on thursday, it seems ‘ok’ with the WM5 for the time being, but personal reviews say it gets crap later on.

    So.. should I? or should I not?

    cheers 🙂

  10. Mark, you certainly have an opinion on JASJAM. All I can say is if things didn’t work as it should, I would always investigate why. I am not easy to give up without knowing why.

    As for my JASJAM, I am happy to say that it responds very swiftly, after I have upgraded to WM 6. It is also very stable. I forgot when was my last time that I have to soft reset the phone.

    And for LaSh, yes, I would recommend the Black Majik version of WM6 which is what I have at the moment. Having said that JJ, the cook is beta testing a newer version (code name Black X). I haven’t tried that yet. I will give it a try when it is officially released.

  11. Hi
    I am kind of new to imate jasjam – the windows mobile 5 version i have works fine at times, but then it also does hang up – is it worth an upgrade – If so – from wher can I upgrade!!! Is it a hassle, especially if I am technologically a little weak?

  12. To me, the WM6 upgrade is worth it. However, I would suggest you first try the official upgrade from imate at:

    It is an update I believe that fixes some issues for their WM5 ROM. That may solve your problem about phone hangups. And you can also get support from imate for that. You can then use that as a learning experience about doing upgrade for yourself later. That was what I did. I did the Telstra update, knowing that if I mucked up, I could ask Telstra for help. It went well and that gave me confidence to upgrade my phones with others ROM as the procedures are the same.

  13. Hello, I upgraded to Black Satin on my JasJam. My Today screen looks nothing like yours pictured above. How do I get mine to look like yours?

  14. JJ has removied the HTC Home plug-in in Satin as different people has different home screen favorites. You can still download the HTC Home plug-in from:

    As you can see, the default HTC home screen has a grey-tone theme. I like a bit of color, hence I put in a Vista theme background and replace the 3 icons with colorful icons with a bit more transparency.

    Have a look at:
    And you would see many others are coming up with different variations from the original HTC Home screen.

  15. Hi im also new to this upgrading to WM6, just wondering if i do upgrade via the links that r above, say the Black Majik ROM, wat programs will be installed with it. Wen i got my imate, there were pre installed programs like excel, word, etc. r there any new preinstalled programs… Im trying everywhre to find wat actual programs are included with the roms….

  16. The BlackMajik ROM is based on WM 6 and includes Office Mobile 2007, meaning the Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are newer versions than those that come with WM 5. For example, they are able to open Office 2007 docx, etc. WM6 also replaces the dialup networking with the Internet Sharing app if you want to use the phone as a broadband modem. It is much easier now. The imate programs those would be gone, like the imate Club, the CA antivirus, and also the Telstra apps.

    Before you upgrade the ROM, make sure you read the instruction at: . I found that very useful. One thing though is upgrading with Vista is much easier now if your Vista has updated with WMDC6.1.

  17. so meaning telstra applications are gone.. my place etc….does that mean i cannot check my data usage & bill etc..

    i have also read that wen upgrading the rom, apparently some users cannot get email via the outlook email & they cannot connect to the telstra internet…have you had any problems connect to the NextG network??????

    1 more thing… if i upgrade to wm6 does that mean i cant go back to wm5 like exactly how it was wen i bought it, eg, with the imate & telstra programs…

  18. Charlee, someone has posted the Telstra Cab at:
    I have tried that once but it didn’t work. I didn’t pursue that further was I had never used the Telstra apps even when I was running WM5 back then.
    As for connecting to Telstra NextG network, all I need was to create a connection with access point set at: telstra.wap
    ActiveSync with desktop and exchange server was very straight forward.
    Yes, you can also downgrade back to WM5. You would need to have the Telstra ROM which you can get at:

    and remember before you upgrade or downgrade, make sure you have HardSPL on your phone. Read the guide back at post one.

  19. I was looking at the imate upgrade link posted above, but it dosent appear to talk about Windows Mobile 6, just an “upgrade”

    Would prefer to do a telstra based updrage just incase it all turns to shi*

    is this the correct upgrade, i searched mobile 6 on the imate site and it returned bugger al1.

  20. Just spoke to imate, thay are saying a month or so for an official mobile 6 upgrade.

    Will prob hold off to avoid voiding waranty. sounds like its worth doing though!



  21. Hi ! Thanks for this great site ! One question, please. I have downloaded the HTC home plugin and loaded to my Imate. (I am wanting the nice screen I see above. However it extracts to a bunch on files and the setup is an xml file. What do I need to make this work as all I get when I click on it is xml code.

  22. Mal, you shouldn’t install the cab file from your PC. Instead, simply copy the cab file onto your phone. Click on the cab file and it will auto-install the HTC Home screen.

  23. Hey ! now one feels silly doesn’t one ! Thanks a bunch !
    Very Nice 🙂

  24. After readin the above posts and going through the above “readme” i must add that the “Black satin” upgrade was succesful and working perfectly. Also as claimed i had a more responsive, stable and better looking interface than my earlier MW5. Using an Imate JasJam (recently purchased).Thanks a ton for you efforts Brian

  25. Hi I have Imate JasJam W5 i want to upgarde it im usig windows Vista but once i strating upgrade i found blnk screen with with colors and in the end of my screen i found USB just for while then i get error messge there is no conection i resrat my pc and my mobile many time but i got the same error any can help me

  26. Yesser, For flashing with Vista, make sure you have updated Windows Mobile Device Center to version 6.1. Then you should be able to flash the ROM. And I would suggest flashing the HardSPL first to safeguard against ‘bricking’ your phone during ROM flashing.

  27. Yesser, For flashing with Vista, make sure you have updated Windows Mobile Device Center to version 6.1. Then you should be able to flash the ROM. And I would suggest flashing the HardSPL first to safeguard against ‘bricking’ your phone during ROM flashing.

  28. first thanks for your support i already have Windows Mobile Device Center vr. 6.1 and i did HardSPL and i get the same colored screen then u get messege error messge there is no conection i guess i will kept as is 😦

  29. I am stuck with Step 4of6 at the following site:

    It does not auto-detect the SPL version. Don’t know which one to pick. I have successfully done steps 1,2,3. I am running Vista Client and my IPL=1.04 and SPL=2.10.Olipro
    Any recommended next step? I tried to post something on 4winmoblie…does give me access to do so.

  30. I moved past this. I simply went ahead and selected SPL 2.10 New Boot Loader and Is it Hard SPL. The rest of the steps worked out fine.
    Now I am trying to get the new Today screen – with weather, big watch, etc…don’t know where to find, looking.

    BTW, this is a good post, thanks for having this up. Imate guys have been giving the “Canned response” will be there in a month for the last few months!

  31. Premal, the Home screen was from HTC. There are quite a few versions. 3 tabs, 5 tabs, and 6 tabs. The original 3 tabs can beo found at:

    The 6 tabs version with color icons can be found at:

    Take your pick.

  32. hi
    i want to upgrade and i went to webste
    and clicked on normal. and asked me find or save and i tride both methods but it didnt work because it keep taking me to a different webste`i just wonder if it is still working or not. and what should i do.

  33. Mark, please try the link again. I clicked the link and it let me save the file onto my hard drive. Note that the file is a compressed rar file which you would need to decompressed first before you can use it.

  34. thank you Brian
    i did save it first but when i try to run it a windows pop up and has two options
    1- use the web service to find the program
    2- select the program from a list
    is that how it should be?
    how do i decomress it, it there a way or a program to dounload to do that?

  35. Brian, I managed to decompress the file. Now when I am trying to run the program I am getting stuck in the first step. On the instruction website
    it says I should click on the AutoDetect I did just that but a message pop up it says; “In order to use this feature, you PDA must be running windows Mobile, you may need to confirm this check on your PDA also. It must be synced with ActiveSync; have you done this?”
    By the way I have got the device connected to the pc and run ActiveSync!
    Have you faces the same problem?

  36. ok, when i click yes, then two Error messages come up.
    first one it says; Error: couldnt query the device.
    the second one it says; Error, unknown version! You should pick SSPL.

  37. Mark, are you using Vista? If yes, you would need to upgrade to WMDC 6.1. And did you flash to Hard SPL yet? If not, I would suggest you try that first before you upgrade your ROM.

  38. i am using win XP. i have upgraded my rom to Hard SPL, now it is :

    do you think telstra rom may be the problem and stoping me from upgrading to a different rom?

  39. hi,i have a jasjam which i want to upgrade it to wm6.
    i started by downloading the hardspl v7 to flash the rom,but it is not working,it says error application.when i installed the rar folder which contain 2 files,ruuwrapper.exe and ruu_signed.nbh(size is 386 kb instead of 285 as show the figure)

    (My i-mate jasjam :
    Rom version:1.31.305.2
    Rom date:09/08/06
    Radio version:
    Protocol version:32.53.7020.01H
    ExtRom version:1.31.305.104)

    can someone help me in details how to upgrade to wm6.a.
    thanks guys for the good work you’re making here.

  40. i did succeed now in flashing the rom and updating the radio

    my ipl is now 1.04
    my spl is now 2.10 olipro
    my radio is now

    which windows mobile 6.0 is now compattible with my device for
    upgrading ,and if you have a link for it so i can download it.
    thank you in advance..

  41. Mark, the following forum post may help you:

  42. antoniosfingers, all WM 6 ROM that is for HTC Hermes are compatible with JASJAM. You can try the Black ROM for example:

  43. I Brain. Very cool site. Can you please help me. I have an imate Kjam and was wondering if the black shadow rom that you used will work on my phone. Also i tried to look for the rom rou used but with no luck. Can you send me the link.


  44. Mohamed, the Black ROM I used for was JASJAM (aka HTC Hermes) only. If you have a K-JAM and you would like to upgrade to WM6, you may want to check out the following:

    There are quite a few flavours of WM6 ROM in the site above. Enjoy!

  45. hi there. Sorry mate if this is already answered but i am looking for layman terms.
    I remember a while ago i deleted a message from telstra about an upgrade.

    I would like to upgrade my jasjam from wm5 to wm6. how do i do this?

  46. Bigway, I have received a Telstra message earlier this year about the ROM upgrade available at:

    The upgrade was for WM5, mainly on bug fixes and some Telstra apps like watching Foxtel, etc….

    That wasn’t about upgrading WM5 to WM6.

    I have tried that and it worked. So if you are happy to stay on WM5, that is something you can try.

    If you want WM6, I am not aware of any WM6 ROM upgrade offered by Telstra or i-mate and I am not counting on that.

    There are many outstanding WM6 ROMs out there and I have tried a couple. Read my first post on the URLs. Currently I am using the Dutty Supa Dupa ROM myself and loving it.

    If you have never upgraded a ROM before, I would suggest try out the Telstra upgrade first. That would give you an idea about the upgrade progress and if anything goes wrong, you can still call on Telstra for tech support. Also I would suggest reading the upgrade guide at:

  47. Finally, i-mate has released its official WM6 upgrade for JASJAM. Check this out:

    I have downloaded the new ROM which includes a new Radio 1.54. But I have been spoilt with ROMs from Dutty, JJ, and others that after playing with the Telstra ROM for less than an hour, I reflashed my phone back to Dutty’s ROM. I did keep the new Radio though for now as it seems performing OK.

  48. send windows

  49. oh look i live in sunny south africa.(bullocks).got me a imate sp5.(student budget).after readin this entire page or most of it.can some1 pls pls pls tell me i can upgrade to wm6.i have no pc at the moment but downloading stuff is not a problem.(thanks 2 dad his laptop).if there is no upgrade oh well i guess i will have to buy hp thats cheaper than this phone and wit wm6.pls help

  50. Jash, is i-mate SP5 same as HTC Tornado? If yes, you may want to visit XDA site at:
    There are WM6 upgrade options available. ANd if you are brave enough, there is also WM6.1 beta 🙂
    BTW, I am tempted to refresh my phone again to WM 6.1 beta. As I have said before, it is quite addictive. Always on the lookout for the latest and the greatest to put on my phone.

  51. yes its the same phone. i think the orange spv something something is the same as well.thanks 4 the help.gonna watch 300 so i can get brave & fearless so i can upgrade.thank u kindly 4 the help.u should become imate support cos by the time they help i think i would a grandfather. 😉

  52. Hello, I have a jasjam and I upgraded that to WM6 but for some reason I need to go back to WM5. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Can somebody help me? Thanks,

  53. I noticed that the imate site has updated with the Telstra WM6 ROM.

    The link used to be the Telstra WM5 ROM. You may want to ask imate for the WM5 old link.

  54. yesterday after reading all the articles on black satin…i tried upgrading my jasjam…did the hardspl uprade to v7..then did the upgrade to black satin….now…my device is stuck..!!! it doesnt not progress from the intial “align screen” page…can anyone help me with this??? Plss ….

  55. fazil, I would try hard reset the phone and see if that helps? If not, I would try flashing another ROM. Maybe the official WM6 ROM from imate at:

  56. but i am not even able to connect to the phone using the Active syn….can u explain me the hard reset if you dont mind…?

  57. fazil, refer to the below link on what is how to do hard reset:

    The XDA site is a great resources for Windows Mobile.

  58. it helped…thanks a million..u saved my life!!!!

  59. My Jasjam was replaced twice by i-Mate with fresh units for the problem of ringer stopping to ring (the speaker will go dead; and only the pop-up will be there). This was happening at Random.

    Even with very close observations, could not figure out what was causing the problem. Before the first replacement, the s/w was reloaded, Mother Board was changed, Ringer was replaced, etc.
    The third piece is also having the problem. It looks like a problem of WM 5.0.

    Problem surfaced even without any additional software installed. Any similar experiences?

    Considering upgrade to WM 6.0 to see if the problem will go away.

  60. Hi Brian Chau,

    Any idea or information for upgrading from windows mobile(WM)5 to WM6 for my HP Ipaq hx2790 APD. Thanks in advance if you could post this matter in this web site.

    Regards, herman k

  61. Sorry Herman. The ROMs mentioned in this post would only work for HTC TyTN models. You may have to search for some HP community forums and see if someone else has a WM6 ROM out there for the HP model.

  62. Sir Brian,
    I just upgraded from WM5 to WM6 using my i-mate Jasjam. Problem is, i can’t seem to surf the internet through WiFi using Internet Explorer. And that just sucks. But the HTC Home plugin’s Weather Update and Windows Update works though.

  63. I tried using Opera Mini 4.1 beta on my Jasjam and I can surf the net, but I actually like Internet Explorer better. I still can’t use Internet Explorer… =(

  64. marv_002, try this link and see if it helps:

  65. hi brian,
    i am having a lot of problems…i try flashing the Hard SPL but an Update error comes…i tried flashin the ROMS but the same update error comes and it says PDA not connected to PC vias USB but IT IS CONNECTED lol…i dont know why its doing this…help

  66. oo never mind the official version frm the site has worked and y go through all this for the appearance when u can download the theme :S

  67. Hi I am new to all of this and was wanting to know how i upgrade my jasjam to the black sreen can anyone out there help me

  68. Paul, WM6.1 has been out for a while now and there are quite a few ROMs out there at XDA forum. At present, I have been using the ROM from:

  69. hey guys i got a big prob with my jasjam it does not load my windows stays at the htc innovation..i dont know how to sovle this problem..can sumone please help me

  70. Saiesh, if you have flashed hard spl before, that is fine. The phone can be made to work again. I would suggest first do a hard reset if that fix the problem. If no, then simply try flashing another ROM.

  71. Hi brain.. man your a star.. really I assume so… man most of us here are just like layman for this… man I know it sucks typin in the same answer again n again but man I cant understand what points in this forum are for my use… can you help me with this

    1) firstly it says to download all important files— can u please state what files are important?
    2) I have an Imate Jasjam with processor: SC32442A-400MHZ
    Rom Version 1.20.305.3 and Rom date 07/21/06 – I need to upgrade to Black
    3) how to upgrade rom and Wm6?
    4) how to back up the old version rom, that in case this is not supported then I dont get screwed with my cell

    Appreciate your answers!

  72. imz, I would suggest you read the guide below carefully to understand the flashing process and the inherent risk in ‘bricking’ your phone. If you still want to go ahead, at your own risk, then proceed by

    1. first flashing Hard SPL to safeguard against bricking the phone.

    2. then select a ROM to flash. The Black ROM is outdated now. Currently there are quite a few nice looking WM6.1 ROMs at XDA forum

    I don’t know how to restore the phone to the original condition. Fortunately for me, I don’t have the need to do so.

    Note that flashing the ROM will wipe out all your personal data on the phone. So back up your data.

  73. Hi, I have a IMate JasJAm.. I was using the Data package on it and it was working fine. I accidentally did a hard reset and lost all the data in it. Also, I am not able to connect to the internet using the device, I am not sure what has gone wrong.. The settings are the same as before.. Can you please help me with this?

  74. Pavan, Check the Settings/Connections. If you don’t know what the setting should be, you can search for the HTC Connection Setup Wizard cab at XDA forum which can automate the setup based on your operator.

  75. can anyone help me with my jasjam. everytime i try to turn it on it just goes to a white screen. oneday it work and the next it didnt.. help would be thankful.
    please write to
    thanks in advance

    • hi did you manage to fix the white screen problem. It happened t mine. sent it back to hong Kong for repairs. and should get it back this week. they says its due to a problem in one of the circuits behind the keyboard (connecting the screen to the device). how did you repair your one?

  76. Rick, does this happen after you have flashed a ROM? If yes, that may be due to a bad flash. Try hard reset (which will delete all your data and app settings) and see if that works. If not, try another ROM. Failing that, it may be due to hardware issue as noted in:

  77. sorry i am only new to this phone so could you please explain what a ROM is? and what is a bad flash? sorry
    thanks budddy for your help, ur a champ

  78. Hi Brian, I am really hoping you can help. My JasJam is running WM6 and I bought it (off ebay) with the black theme installed. It worked fine. I decided to install the HTC Home plug in, and everything seemed to work ok for a while, than while connected through ActiveSync i was uploading some music to my PDA, finished doing that and still the device was running Ok. Than all of a sudden i started getting errors when i tried to access any application (they wouldn’t start), so i decided to soft-reboot the phone when disaster struck and the phone won’t boot back into OS, it just hangs on the HTC HERMES boot screen. I’ve tried searching for info on the net, but it all sounds so confusing and the only thing i’ve been able to do is hard-reset and get to the 3 colour screen where i can see HERM100 IPL-1.04 and HERM100 SPL-2.60.Olipro (no idea what that means bought u might understand it). Please help me if you have any info on how i can fix my phone, really scared. thanks in advance

  79. Danny, as you can get it to the 3-color boot screen, you can at least flash the phone with another ROM. Simply connect the phone to your PC via USB and start flashing. There are a few WM6.1 ROMs available. My favorite at the moment is:

  80. HEY MAN i have a imate jasjam my self and i need to know where i can get the software to do this update on the phone please let me know as i was to upload this software on my imate thanks alot

  81. Can i upgrade from WM5 straight to black satin? or do i have to go to WM6 first, THEN i can update to one of the black things?

  82. jdog, the black satin is WM6 ROM. But it is quite old now as there are plenty of WM6.1 ROMs around as noted in the update of the post.

  83. Hello there! i need the download link for Windows Mobile 6

  84. hey brian if any help can be offered, i have an imate jasjam aka htc hermes 100, once i tried to give it a hard reset from the clear storage function and after that it does not work on the phone function i mean it is just become a PDA when u go to device information there the radio version/imei are blank..
    please let me know thru email or reply if there is a cure to my imate’s problem i really love the fone but wana make it to get working again..

    Thanks again

    • dear usman.

      i have the same problem.
      my jasjam doesnt detect imei number, even when i push button *#06# . my jasjam no longer function as a phone.
      please…if somebody has an answer of this problem. just let me know….

      thanx a lot

  85. Hi Brian,
    Would you plz post the link of your ROM that you are using in your Jasjam. Would be really grateful.

  86. hi happy easter to all
    how i can install windows 6.1 on my jasjam, should i have to install, connect through my computer or what ??? plz can any one help me and from where i can download it.
    kind regards

  87. how can i change the language of my i mate phone from Arabic (Chinese) to english

  88. Eu tenho um Imate SPL, eu tentei liga-lo ao pc via cabo usb, e ele derrepente ficou com a tela toda branca, não aparece nada. alguém pode me dizer o q pode ter acontecido, e o q posso fazer. mandem a resposta pra meu email.
    desde já agradeço.

  89. Hey Please My Jasjam I-Mate doesn’t not Connect to my Computer through USB hubs please help me Email me Or anything Please Please thanks 😉

  90. each time i try to install HardSPL why does the USB connection get closed when my i-mate JASJAM enter three color bootloader screen? here is my bootloader specification :


  91. Hi can any one help I have a imate jasjar is there any software upgrade for this . I know its old but i still would like to use it a little longer.

  92. we

  93. Hye, im from Brunei and i have problem with my internet explorer. when i enter the web,the notes will come out and says “address is not valid. check the address and try again” can someone tell me how to fix it? -_-“

  94. plz help me my i-mate jasjam mobile only have 64 mb ram and for it i need a windows update is it possible or not

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  98. i like my I-mate JASJAM and I would like to learn more about the my HTC INNOVATION.


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