ZoomIt – A Free Desktop Zoom Utility

I do a lot of presentation and being able to zoom my desktop is very helpful. Mac has the great utility built-in the OS. I have been searching for a similar application on the PC for sometime. Today I found one called ZoomIt at: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/utilities/zoomit.mspx

It is quite nice. Apart from zooming, it also has a desktop drawing feature, and a timer display feature. All in a small download of 44K. Amazing. My only criticism is that it hides the cursor while in zoom mode. Hope it would improve further. But then it is free so I can’t really complaint 🙂


~ by brianchau on July 1, 2007.

9 Responses to “ZoomIt – A Free Desktop Zoom Utility”

  1. Hi Brian – Long time no see. Interesting to see you talking about the Zoom capability of OS X and Windows equivilents becuse the other day I brought a new Microsoft mouse which has the software/drivers and special buttons built in to enable the zoom feature. Microsoft actually have a neat little range of Zoom/Magnifier enabled mice and keyboards (they even work with Macs ;-)) see:

  2. Hi Peter. Thanks for the info. Quite interesting. I think I will go and get one of those mice for my laptop 🙂

  3. thanku 4 the heads up on ZoomIt
    i have been pulling my hair out (there is not much there)for the past 2 months trying to find a true desktop zoom program after seeing on Lab with Leo’s mac

  4. HI Brian, I was at the PD for dreamweaver you ran last week. I was looking for a zoomit application for Mac and this page came up. What is the name of the Mac application that does the same thing? Or is it keyboard commands?

  5. Thank you Brian, can you tell me how to make the screen zoom on a mac?



  6. and what about drawing on the desktop of a mac OSX?

  7. I found MAGICPEN but it doesn’t work with Lion. can u please suggest me something?

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