CSS Constrain-based Layout for html pages

I like the way Flex 2 layouts the components using constrained-based method. I thought it would be great if the same technique can be applied to html pages for css layout. So I tested it with the following code:

<style type=”text/css”>
#apDiv1 {
 right: 20px;
 bottom: 20px;
 background-color: #FF00FF;
#apDiv2 {
 background-color: #FFFF00;
#apDiv3 {
 background-color: #00FFFF;
 right: 50px;
#apDiv4 {
 background-color: #FFFF00;
 right: 50px;
 bottom: 50px;

<div id=”apDiv1″>
  <div id=”apDiv4″></div>
  <div id=”apDiv3″></div>
  <div id=”apDiv2″></div>

 And guess what, both IE 7 and FF 2 rendered the page correctly as the browser window  was being resized. Haven’t tested on Safari but hopefully it would work as well. Unfortunately, Dreawmeaver CS3 didn’t render the CSS page correctly. Bummer. Neither did the Microsoft Expression Web though.


~ by brianchau on July 18, 2007.

One Response to “CSS Constrain-based Layout for html pages”

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