A Flash Lite home screen for Windows Mobile phone

I came across the following site which offers an interesting home screen for Windows Mobile phone based on Adobe Flash Lite.


The developer was inspired by Apple iPhone interface and would “want to take some of the principles of that interface and bring them to Windows Mobile users! “. 

While personally I feel my phone interface is the prettiest (see below), it is subjective and indeed phone interface is really like fashion. It can be cool and trendy today but over time, it would be nice be able to change to another design, in much the same way we change fashion. So it is nice to have someone creating different home screens for mobile phone users to choose from.

As Windows Mobile is a full OS, that is certainly possible. Indeed there are already many different home screen software for Windows Mobile out there. This one though is quite unique because it is based on Adobe Flash Lite. I hope it would do well.

My home screen shots (based on HTC Home):

70804-112923.jpg 70804-1119501.jpg 70804-112000.jpg

Updated: Below are the Vista theme wallpaper, as well as the custom icons for the HTC Home screen for those who want to use these for your home screen. The HTC Home screen plug-in is available at the XDA developers forum. That place has lots of good stuff around.

hh_fw_iconhome.png hh_fw_iconlauncher.png hh_fw_iconweather.png vista21.jpg


~ by brianchau on August 4, 2007.

24 Responses to “A Flash Lite home screen for Windows Mobile phone”

  1. Your homescreen indeed is very very nice! I googled for ‘flash interface windows mobile’ and found you weblog. I really like Windows Mobile, because of the advanced capabilities but I hate the old-fashioned interface. Can I download your homescreen anywhere?

  2. You can download the HTC Home plug-in from:

    As you can see, the default HTC home screen has a grey-tone theme. I like a bit of color, hence I put in a Vista theme background and replace the 3 icons with colorful icons with a bit more transparency.

    Have a look at:
    And you would see many others are coming up with different variations from the original HTC Home screen. Some even change the clock colors and they have made available that as cabs for installation.

  3. Hi!
    I’m maked a FlashLite 3D cube-style Launcher for WM5/6.
    You look at this preview: http://www.tolna.net/~szabika/wm/
    Are any forum my project: http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=6938&highlight=apache+cube (EN)
    and (SE): http://www.winmobile.se/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?11641.last
    and (HU): http://pdaplus.info/smf/index.php?topic=882.0
    I can’t from flashLite ScreenLock my device, I can’t getting the missedcall, sms datas and I can’t making a simple *exe frame this program, that running always on top.


  4. ByKa, that is very nice work. I have downloaded that and tried on my JASJAM and it worked well. Hope you don’t mind that I will pass on your link to 4winmobile.com. I am sure others are interested to test it out too 🙂

  5. kbjhg

  6. I think your background image / theme is the best. I have been looking for a black vista theme and your blue & green strands look like they are in the best place. If you could please send me your theme that would be awesome.


  7. Stabby, I have updated the post to include the images used in my home screen.

  8. I have been looking on the net for a new home screen for my SPV M700-(HTC). Your design for me is clearly the best.
    Now i know this will sound really stupid but how or where do i download this great design? do i have to download from my phone, or the computer? I have no idea how to do this! please can anyone help me? ( if yes, please in laymans terms! ) Thanks

  9. Carl, if I am not mistaken, SPV M700 is based in HTC Trinity. What you would need is make sure you phone has WM6. Then install HTC Home. If you like my icons and background, simply download from the first post and use those. Alternately there are ROMs out there which has HTC Home preinstalled. Check out those from the XDA forum like those at:

  10. im sure its a windows mobile 5. is it still possible?
    exactly how do i download it? still not sure what to do.!!
    I really am that stupid with computers! Sorry

  11. WM 5 doesn’t support the glossy black bar look like those in the screenshots. And I believe the HTC Home is for WM6 only.

    When I first got my imate, I knew nothing about ROM flashing and it never occured to my that a phone can be upgraded. I am used to getting a mobile phone and used that the way it was sold. But after a while I came across the XDA forum and after lots of reading, I started to learn more and more. So if you want to start playing with your phone, you would need to invest some time to learn the phone.

    I found out there is an excellent resource for Trinity users at:


    It includes lots of useful info including WM6 upgrading guide.

    So here you have a red pill and a blue pill. It is up to you which way you want to go 🙂

  12. Excellent answer!!

    Thanks for all the info!!

    I think I’ll go with the blue!!

  13. Will the app run on my brand new samsung blackjack II?

  14. hey buddy i hav i-mate PDAL window mobile i want theme creator for my cell. or some nice themes will plz guid me ……..plz..

  15. Keyur, I haven’t used any theme creator before so I can’t really recommend one. But there are quite a few WM theme generators out there. Some are freeware. I did a search and below is one such theme generator you may want to try:


  16. The fact that theiPhone syncs so well with a Power Book is key to its success. The future is for cell phones to be an extension of home computers.

  17. Do you have same theme for Symbian S60 phones. If it is there, where it is located. Kindly let me know about it.

  18. Srinivas, I’m not familiar with the S60 platform. Can’t help you here. Sorry.

  19. Hey Brian, thanks for all the info on your site. I have the HTC S730 which has an updated version of the home screen that you reference here on your site. I would like to edit it to add some icons to it and such, but I cannot access it. The phone runs WM6. The homepage is in the windows directory. From a workstation plugged into the phone, from the root I can see all directories except Windows and Temp so I cannot copy the file onto my computer. From the phone in FileManager, I cannot copy the file since the options under edit are grayed out.

    Any ideas how to access \Windows from a workstation or copy the file within the phone itself?

  20. RWR, you would need Total Commander 2.5. It is a file explorer for Windows Mobile phone. You can get it from:


    Install from a PC onto the phone. Then from the phone, run Total Commander and it would enable you to access all the files in your phone.

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