Flash Video Encoding with jpg thumbnails

I have been searching all over the web looking for a batch flv encoder that would also generate jpg thumbnails for the video encoded. The Adobe Flash Video Encoder lacks both the watch folder as well as the jpg thumbnails features. On2 Flix Pro comes close. It can batch encode flv with On2 VP6 and also generate thumbnails. But it lacks a watch folder feature which I also want. Sorenson Squeeze has everything but lacks jpg thumbnails generation.  I also searched for flv encoders from other 3rd parties software but none has all the features I want in one package. There is always something missing, or that the codec lacks On2VP6 support, etc. I can’t believe that none exists. Very frustrating.


~ by brianchau on August 11, 2007.

9 Responses to “Flash Video Encoding with jpg thumbnails”

  1. google “ffmpeg thumbnail” and use cron.

  2. As J suggests you can use ffmpeg for the job. I would suggest using inotify if you are on linux instead of a cron.

  3. My search for ffmpeg so far was that it doesn’t support On2VP6 codec. I hope I am wrong on this.

  4. No, ffmpeg does not support encoding of VP6 officially.

  5. I only know for Druapl, FlashVideo plugin

  6. http://www.mac-dev.net/ another

  7. hi. firstly sorry for my bad english. secondly here is the sh script which generates a thumbnail. so lets create a new file and call it flv_thumbnail_generator.sh (make sure you have installed ffmpeg on your server)

    # FLV thumbnail generator
    # this script creates a thumbnail from a flv file

    if [ $# = ‘2’ ]; then
    destfile=`basename $1`
    destfile=`echo ${destfile%%.*}`
    ffmpeg -i $1 -an -ss $2 -an -r 1 -vframes 1 -y -f mjpeg $destfile.jpg
    echo you have to provied 2 parameters Video Name and The Image Time 00.00.00 format

    and if you want to run it on server using php then just simply copy this code in your php script

    echo exec(“/bin/sh flv_thumbnail_generator.sh”, &$output);

    hope it helped

    • i forget something… instead of

      echo exec(”/bin/sh flv_thumbnail_generator.sh”, &$output);

      use this (just for example of using it with parameters)

      echo exec(“/bin/sh flv_thumbnail_generator.sh /path/to/the/video.flv 00:00:08”, &$output);

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