Bookmarking a Flash movie with Flash anchor

I was asked recently to demo some old and forgotten features of Flash. After some researching, I thought this one is worth re-visiting. Bookmarking a flash movie with flash anchor. Do you remember Flash Anchor? It was introduced quite a few versions back. Instead of labeling a frame (for a state you want to bookmark) with Frame Label, you label a frame with Flash Anchor. At the publishing setting, you also need to select the “Flash with Named Anchors” as the html template. It is that simple. No external interfaces Actionscript required. I tested it with IE7. It worked wonderfully. Unfortunately it didn’t work in FF2. Perhaps when the feature was introduced, FF wasn’t around so some tweaking of the html template would be required.


~ by brianchau on September 10, 2007.

6 Responses to “Bookmarking a Flash movie with Flash anchor”

  1. Hello, nice post. Bookmark it.

  2. The Flash anchor has an undesirable behaviour. Suppose you created 4 named anchors in Flash – n1, n2, n3, n4 (in this order in the Timeline) and set up a simple navigation scheme (e.g. 4 links that navigate to each frame respectively). The way Flash works with the named anchors is: it will move sequentially, frame by frame to the anchored frame. For example, if you click to navigate to “n4”, the playhead actually moves sequentially from n1 to n4. This usually happens so fast (for small number of named anchors) that it is often not noticeable. The consequence – when the user clicks the back button in the browser, Flash actually moves to the frame “n3” even though the user never been there! The most frustating thing is – if you have tens of named anchors in Flash, you can actually see the Flash movie skimming through the named anchors which is simply annoying!!!
    If anybody has a solution to this issue, pls let me know.

  3. A simple way to solve that may be to add in frame labels and called the labels same name as the named anchors. GotoAndStop(frameLabel) should work.


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  5. I can’t get anchors to work in cs3.

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