Not receiving emails from Adobe?

Some users have told me that they haven’t received emails from Adobe for sometime and they have missed out on events that Adobe has been hosting. I was told by a colleague that users may want to update their profile at: so as to ensure they got sent the emails that match their profile. Adobe doesn’t want to blast out emails to everyone on every annoucement, quite sensibly I may say.


~ by brianchau on November 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “Not receiving emails from Adobe?”

  1. Well, that smells totally phish-tastic.
    Registered by an agency in New South Wales that does work for Adobe, but I still wouldn’t trust it – what’s wrong with going to “My Account” on instead?
    Why can’t Adobe host this form properly on their own website?

  2. S, good comment. Haven’t thought about that. I will ask around. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. I am told that this is setup so the Pacific marketing team can get their emails out in the meantime while they tried to sort out the problems with filtering and updating data from the main database. Apparently it is not a trivial task. Hopefully over time things will be worked out.

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