Flashing i-mate JASJAM with Windows Mobile 6.1

Microsoft is rumoured to release Windows Mobile 6.1 soon. And many developers have already created various WM6.1 beta ROMs for people to try it out. I for one am very hard to resist any temptation so today after some reading, I flashed my phone again with the Pandora Naked ROM available at the XDA forum:


I chose this version because it provides a very stripped down version for me to later add any additional functionalities (like HTC Home, HTC Album, 1-Calc, Total Commander, etc……). Even though it is still a beta version, I found that it is very stable and fast. Not bad. My wife as usual wonder why I keep flashing my phone so very often. She has not a clue 😦

Updated: As usual, I have since then updated multiple times with different ROMs out there. My latest fav is:



~ by brianchau on February 5, 2008.

27 Responses to “Flashing i-mate JASJAM with Windows Mobile 6.1”

  1. Hi, just read this post. Thank you!

  2. Hi, Just checking to see if you played with the final release of 6.1 yet? Any tips for the Jasjam?

  3. Jason, I have tried the various WM6.1 ROMs from XDA forums. I don’t remember (and don’t care) if i-mate or Telstra have released their official WM 6.1 ROM for JASJAM. The ROMs at XDA are very stable now and it is really a matter of personal preference as to which suit you most.

    Having said that I have given my brother the JASJAM as I have go the HTC Touch Diamond now. So haven’t played with JASJAM for a while now.

  4. please confirm which is the best ROM udgrade for JASJAM?

    i am kinda novice at this tweaks.. so appreciate your help in this regard

  5. Syed, it is really a matter of personal preference. The WM 6.1 ROMs at XDA forum are all very stable by now so pretty much every one of them is very reliable and usable. Some have nice looking home screen, others have all bundled apps, yet others are super lite. I suggest you go to the following and look for one you like.


    BTW, this new ROM looks interesting for the JASJAM:


  6. Greeting,

    yesterday I download new ROM for my jasjam from HTC site (which they said it was the newest, mean WM 6.1) but it didn’t match my on mine.
    what should I do so I can upgrade my babe to WM 6.1 ?
    By downloading new ROM?

    Thank you, feel rather confused here…

  7. Austin, if the HTC site said that the ROM is WM6.1, then it is WM6.1. The home screen may be different but it is simply because WM allows UI to be changed easily. You can download the HTC Home Screen V2.1 at:


    Already there are developers at XDA already working on the HTC TouchFLO 2D (code name Manila 2D). It is beta at the moment though.

  8. Hello again, I’m austin.

    I’ve download all RUU for upgrading my jasjam from XDA-developer (which link u stated above) but at the time I tried to flash me jasjam, suddenly my phone went on standy mode and disconnected from my CPU (I always use USB for active sync).

    Why those thing happened? and what should I do? (I’ve tried all RUU one by one and same thing happend)

    Note= my jasjam already in WM 6 and I want to upgrade it into WM 6.1.
    Please help me…

  9. Austin, I hope you have hardspl flashed on your phone already or you risk bricking your phone. As for flashing the ROM, you can put your phone into bootloader mode, then connect to USB beofre flashing. Other have suggested flashing from microSD card which is supposed to be safer and faster. I haven’t tried that myself.

    Now there is a good thread from XDa on all questions about flashing Hermes:


  10. Hello again,

    Thank you, your last link really help me a lot.

    So I got some conclusion, I think I need to upgrade my ”HardSPL”.

    But at the time I upgrade my I-mate from WM 5 to WM 6 a month ago, I didn’t upgrade my HardSPL first, is that why I cannot upgrade my I-mate to WM 6.1 now?

    And I also download HardSPL from the link you given but it happens again, at the time I flash it suddenly my phone disconnected from activesync and nothing happen…

    I don’t have any idea what happened…

  11. Austin, hardspl is just an insurance. In case of a bad flash, like corruption during failure, it protect the phone so that you can recover from it and reflash another ROM. You don’t have to flash hardspl but it is safer to have it.

  12. At the time I flash my phone for HardSPL, I found this thing:

    IPL – SSPL By Des

    HERM 100
    SPL – 1.09.ds

    What does it suppose to mean?
    And one more thing, after that word come out, after few minutes suddenly my CPU show that the USB connection has been disconnected.

    What does it suppose to mean?

  13. Austin, SPL and HardSPL are described in many places and below is a link which may help you understand more:


    As for the flashing, read the link in my previous post and there is post which explains how to flash even when USB connection fails.

  14. Hi, My name is Firas, I have Jamin, can I install windows mobile 6.1 on it?? waiting your reply,

  15. hmm I got an imate jasjam and I love it. But it’s Windows Mobile 5 and I’m experiencing some wierd software bugs with it.. like my 3G camera not working for no reason.

    Anyways, since its warrantee expired, I might consider upgrading to WM6.1 . My only issue is the drivers. Is there a guarantee that my WLAN, 3G internet, cameras, microSD port, and all the other hardware features will work after I flash my phone?

    • Mohammed, I haven’t had JAJSAM for over half a year as I am using the HTC Touch Diamond now. Having said that the WM 6.1 has been in the market for quite some time and I think all ROMs out there would be very stable. The best place to find your preferred ROM is the XDA forum. Read what the other uses have to say and you can have a pretty good idea which one suits you best.

  16. Hi My name is Kola, i have imate JASJAM can i install WM 6.1 in it and what is the memory expandable in this. What else i can do to upgrade my babe.
    Sorry for lot of questions i recently bought it.

  17. Hello again, it’s been a long time. I got a problem about my I-mate jasjam. After I flash it with Windows 6, it works well but sometimes the bluethooth is a little weird. For example, it can accept file but after the sending finished, the file just disappear and I cannot save it to my I-mate, what’s going on? It happen not just once.

    Sometimes the Wifi is also weird, I cannot connect to internet although I’ve a right setting.

  18. Hi Everyone, my imate-8502 has ceased to work as a phone, so I am back to my JasJam, Imate appears to have “gone under” so how do I start upgrading my jasjam from 6.0 to 6.1 without an imate support site?
    ie will I need ROM unlock codes? and where can I get the ROM upgrade from?

  19. Peter, just HardSPL your phone and then flash one of the WM6.1 ROMs out there at XDA forum. Links for all these are at many previous posts.

  20. thanks brian, got the hardspl, having an interesting time trying to download anybody’s 6.1 – 6.5, seems like the only links are to “rapidshare” and I don’t seem to be able to get a download slot, it keeps wanting $$$.
    so more help required please, do you have any better links?

  21. Peter, there are many ROM links at:


  22. Hi Brian, back again after trying the many ROMs
    Sea Dragon looks really elegant, but has no network connection setup so could not access my work email via active sync over the web.
    MR DSL titanium has network connection setup, but no MS Office 2007.
    Links to Pandora link did not work.
    Could never get to Pays_305_full at rapidshare without paying so have not tried it out yet.
    Basically have tried out every ROM I could get to without parting with $$$

    So my best effort so far has been tesing out Dark View, has network connection setup, does active sync. Could also stop using Telstra proxy so can access my optusnet email account as well as OWA mail from work, I am impressed
    Has MS Office 2007 mobile, can do software additions and upgrades.
    But alas am unable to open email attachments (ms office documents) like I used to on my 8502 running WM 6.1
    Do you have any clues, or has opening email attachment been stopped in our latest ROM collection
    I will go back to the xda page for Dark View and leave a question
    PS Battery life has also improved as result of the changed OS not running the battery monitor display full time, lasted a full day for the first time in nearly a week.

  23. hi am using imate jasjam while using my phone it stucked and the phone switched off. its not starting evn if i charge the light is not blinking,the phone is not switching on and its like a dead bird not even showing any response. plz any one help me with this

  24. i will try this room . i wish its good

  25. hi am thierry
    i’am using i-mate jasjam and i want to change my old windows 5.0!i want to no if it is possible to make the change and if it is yes! HOW?

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