Learning Actionscript 3 for Flash developers

I gave an eSeminar last week on the first part of Learning Actionscript 3. Below is the link for the demo files I used in case anyone is interested.

The EventHandling.fla showed how to script buttons to respond to user events such as mouse click and to jump to another frame, and open another web page. The example also showed script that responded to system timer event. Finally it also demonstrated the script to load movieclip onto the stage.

The Main.fla is an another to show how to dynamically load external swf (Lensflare.swf) onto the main stage and to control the movieclip inside the external swf.


Updated: Below is the link for the second part of the eSeminar on AS3. It focused on the benefits of coding in OOP style.



~ by brianchau on March 2, 2008.

One Response to “Learning Actionscript 3 for Flash developers”

  1. hey how r u man!!!

    my name is raj gajjar and i m a student right now and just completed adobe flash with some parts of actionscript 2.0and i want to learn action script 2.0 and 3.0 and want a mentor i wanna make my future in dis stream so hope u can help me in teaching these action scripts if u can teach me den please do mail me on beyondthedone@gmail.com dis is my id and thanx for listening me



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