My first GPS device – HP 312 Travel Companion

I have always wanted to have a GPS so I have advanced my birthday for a few months and bought myself a GPS from Harries Technology. The GPS I chose was the HP 312 Travel Companion. I like the spec and the fact that it runs on Win CE, meaning it is more than a GPS. It is also a Portable Media Player (PMP) with a gorgeous screen. Seriously how often do I need to use a GPS. Not a lot. Being a multi-purpose device makes a lot of sense to me. I only wish HP would add in mobileTV (DVB-T) onto the device too. Still for now it is a nice travel companion for me 🙂

Updated (July 2008):
I found out that there is a great forum which discuss how to customize HP310:

I have since then added 2 WinCE applications on the HP 312:
Total Commander 2.5 for file browsing
FoxItReader for viewing pdf documents and eBooks.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to workout how to install our own Adobe Reader and Flash Player yet. Still it is very nice that I can add features to the GPS device 🙂


~ by brianchau on April 30, 2008.

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  1. windows6 is – vido call

  2. thank us

  3. I agree with author

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