HTC Touch Diamond to replace my JASJAM

I have lots of fun with my i-mate JASJAM for the last year and a half. But I couldn’t resist the tempation of the newer and sexier phone like the HTC Touch Diamond any longer. I learned that Telstra has the Diamond in stock a few days ago and the urge of owning the Diamond is too strong that today I have decided to order it instead of waiting for the Touch Pro which I really like but I don’t know when it will come to Australia. My Diamond will arrive in the next few days so it is time for me to head over to the XDA forum to read a lot as I am sure that before long I would flash it with different ROMs, like I did with the JASJAM.

If I have time, I would post my review of the phone. Now my Diamond, come to me…..

Updated (13-08-2008): My Touch Diamond has arrived today and is now in my hand 🙂 It would be a few busy nights for me 🙂 🙂

Updated (24-08-2008): I was supposed to help out the Kinder doing the sausage duty at Eltham Bunning store yesterday. I went to Eltham shopping centre but couldn’t find Bunning. I realised then I should have checked the addresss first. It was handy that I had the Touch Diamond with me. I looked for the Bunning address using Yellow pages online on the phone. Then displayed the location using Google map. And with the phone GPS, showed me how to get there. So problem solved without having to ask anyone for direction:)

Updated (27-08-2008): I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Touch Diamond has native support for mp4 videos encoded with either H.263 and H.264 codec. Glad that it means I can store and display my video clips captured directly from my Sanyo video camera. Of course, it also mean the same video can be displayed in a flash 9 player or AMP on a computer.

Updated (10-01-2009): The urge to try a new ROM is too strong and I have picked the CT HD Lite ROM which I like a lot. It is fast and stable and best of all, it also includes the newer TouchFLO 3D with the stock tab from the Touch HD phone. Below is the link to the ROM:


~ by brianchau on August 8, 2008.

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