Adobe CS4 announced. Let’s talk about Fireworks CS4.

Now that Adobe CS4 has been announced (, we can start talking about this freely. Each of the software in the suites have some really nice features. I will start with Fireworks CS4 first. My favourite and I think the most promising feature in this release is the CSS export. Fireowrks CS3 enables uers to quickly prototype a web design. Fireworks CS4 continues the design process by being able to output the prototype as a proper html page with CSS layout so that the page can be used in Dreamweaver for further editing. I say it is the most promising feature because there are limitations at present with the CSS export. I hope this feature will continuously evolve over time so that the workflow from design to develop can be streamlined further.

What’s your favourite feature of Fireworks CS4


~ by brianchau on September 23, 2008.

One Response to “Adobe CS4 announced. Let’s talk about Fireworks CS4.”

  1. Integration, integration, integration with all the CS4 suite and the new FXG file format.

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