David Gilmour concert footage in Interactive PDF format

If you are a Gilmour fan or Pink Floyd fan, below is the link where you can download the Gdansk concert footage in interactive PDF format. Great use of pdf with flash video embedded.


On another note, I was sad to hear that Richard Wright, one of the founding memebers of Pink Floyd, passed away last week. I like his music and I like him as a person. You can find out more about him at the www.brain-damage.co.uk site. RIP, Richard.


~ by brianchau on September 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “David Gilmour concert footage in Interactive PDF format”

  1. Glad you liked my David Gilmour efforts


    Harry Hemus

  2. hi brian, i would like to get some advice/ solution from you regarding acrobat. How do i display the Search window from a Search menu written in a pdf file, instead of clicking it from the Menu bar, could you please kindly send me your e-mail add to dura@ptm.ukm.my, so i can send you how the pdf file looks like, thanks very much for your kind consideration 😀

    • Go to Tools/Advanced Editing/Link Tool. Create a custom link. Actions should be “Execute a menu item”. Then “Edit/Search”. That would make the link action same as the File Menu/Edit/Search.

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