Flash CS4 – cool improved project panel

There are many interesting new features in this release of Flash CS4. Naturally 3D effects, IK and new animation timeline draw a lot of attention. However, my favourite is the improved Project Panel which for the first time makes me want to use. First it is very easy for me to understand what it is about. And the best part is the ability to generate some AS class codes automatically that can be bound to library symbols, but not to the main document unfortunately. There certainly is still room for improvement but at least for now it is a very usable panel that I am happy to have it turn on.


~ by brianchau on October 4, 2008.

5 Responses to “Flash CS4 – cool improved project panel”

  1. It doesn’t suck as much as the previous one, but it still sucks hard. Press refresh and watch your project folder collapse every time. Compile, and through the project panel, and there it goes again. Try renaming files/folders or moving them around… this is after only 5 minutes of fiddling around with it. I’m sure there’s more. It’d be nice if the source were available to improve it.

  2. John B, I am not sure if we are talking about the same project panel. There is no project folder in my project panel. There can be folders in the project panel. And I cannot move or rename files or folders in the project panel. Maybe it is different builds. Anyway the GM build is released and I will try this out next week.

  3. Interesting post. thanks!

  4. The new project panel suck big time, for just about every reason possible. Check out the comments on Grant Skinner’s site. Hopefully Adobe will sling this panel in the trash and give us a real one.


  5. Thanks for the blog

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