Adobe releases Flash Lite 3.1 distributable player

Adobe has just released the Flash Lite 3.1 distributable player for Windows Mobile and Symbian phones. This allows developer to build and package Flash Lite application that user can install on their phone with a single click. If Flash Lite 3.1 player is not installed on their phone, the Flash Lite player will download over the air (if you are in US, UK, and a few other countries for now) or can be downloaded from computer

I have tested it with my HTC Touch Diamond and it works perfectly. First I used the Adobe Media Packager to package my flash lite application and it created a cab file. I transfered the cab file to my phone and clicked to install the app. The app then appeared in the program menu which I could click to activate.

Note that this player doesn’t replace the Flash Lite plug-in for browser. I am still waiting for the IE mobile to support Flash content site. Hopefully that should come soon too.


~ by brianchau on February 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “Adobe releases Flash Lite 3.1 distributable player”

  1. Its about time flash was supported in IE… Adobe are really dragging their heels on this, hopefully if Opera manage it eventually as per your related posts, then it might finally happen!

  2. brian, is there a way of installing FlashLite “on device” like the Flash 2.1 is, I can’t seem to uninstall 2.1, and I’d like to be able to test between versions, so Ideally I’d like to have 2 icons, but I can’t find the actual .exe for flash 3.1 anywhere, even though after installing the cab, there are two entries in the remove programs list for “Adobe Flash Lite”

    • The way Flash distributable player works is different to the previous standalone flash lite player. If your standalone Flash lite player was installed by you, you can remove that like any other native application. If the Flash player was burned into the ROM, you cannot remove that.
      The new distributable flash lite player will provide a smooth upgrade experience for phone users, hence a totally different implementation.

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