Flash Catalyst and Fireworks workflow is non-existent

I am very disappointed with the so-called workflow between Fireworks and Catalyst as shown in the 2 video tutorials. It is clumsy and awkward to say the least. To bring in a simple graphics from FW, you would need to save as fxg and then import the fxg into FC. That should be a simple drag and drop or copy and paste action. And not round-trip editing with FW either 😦

FW png suports multiple pages which is ideal to represent states of an app. FC would do well to support FW native png. What a waste opportunity!

Thumbs down 😦


~ by brianchau on June 2, 2009.

5 Responses to “Flash Catalyst and Fireworks workflow is non-existent”

  1. I agree. I totally expected more support for FW 😦

  2. Support for FW is appalling. The fact that FW isn’t even mentioned in the description of Flash Catalyst indicates that Adobe just excluded what they preach as their RAD prototyping tool for RIA.

    In earlier preview releases of Flash Catalyst, the FW icon was always greyed out. I was of the impression, Flash Catalyst will support FW in this initial beta release.

    I am totally disappointed

  3. Fireworks IS better (take a look here http://www.developmentarc.com/site/2009/06/misconceptions-of-firework-cs4-vs-photoshop-cs4-support-in-flash-catalyst/) but.. no, Adobe just said “Dont use FW! Use PS, you stupid fuckers!”.

    Fuck them! 😦

  4. There is no better tool for building GUI’s than FW right now. Even when it comes to creating graphics and icons.

  5. Then they should just discontinue it and stop bate n switch selling it. This calls for a law suite waiting to happen. They know they’re not supporting a product they’re selling — not to mention at a premium too.

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