First Flash Player powered Android phone – the HTC Hero

HTC has announced the much-anticipated 2nd gen Android phone, HTC Hero which includes the Flash Player Lite player now. It is very cool! You can see a demo at :

This is all part of the Open Screen Project. Details can be found at:

I believe the Palm Pre phone that would come out soon will also have Flash Player 10 built-in.

It also looks like the public beta of Flash Player 10 for other mobile phones (S60, Windows Mobile, etc) would be available sometime this Oct. Can’t wait to test it on my HTC Touch Diamond.


~ by brianchau on June 24, 2009.

5 Responses to “First Flash Player powered Android phone – the HTC Hero”

  1. are you sure it is Flash Player 10? Following is from the Adobe press release
    The HTC Hero delivers powerful, compatible video playback performance using Flash technology, and interactive content enabled by ActionScript® 2.0

    • Thanks Ajay. You are right. It seems that it is the Flash Lite, not Flash Player 10 that is being shown in HTC Hero. I was a bit carried away. I have updated the post.

  2. Can’t wait til I’m able to use flash on my HTC. I’ve got a magic, and while Android is great in most aspects, many of the programs and applications you’d expect to be on the phone just aren’t compatible. I can’t even connect to my university internet yet.

  3. The latest reviews on the HTC powered by Android Smart Phone Tech Freak

  4. Oh that is so cool, I didn’t know it had that functionality yet. Yes! Thanks for the post. Keep it up.

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