Mobile for HTC TouchPro 2

I have recently upgraded my phone to the HTC Touch Pro 2. It is a lovely phone and I would say by far the best Windows Mobile phone out there. I have been trying out the Mobile and am pleased to say the it runs well on TouchPro 2. The program reads the photo stored in my phone and let me choose which one to upload. Recently (desktop version) has a new feature which allows users to upload and share videos as well. This isn’t available for the mobile version yet. I hope it would be there one day.

To try out Mobile, go to:


~ by brianchau on August 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “ Mobile for HTC TouchPro 2”

  1. good subject

    wait another

  2. How do you compare that phone to the new droids out there? What is your opinion and suggestion to someone looking to upgrade?

    • I haven’t tried on Droids so cannot honestly compare the two. Having used the Touch Pro 2 for a few months now, I can say it is a very good smartphone. Screen is gorgeous. Built-quality very good. And I like the HTC TouchFlo user interface. I am amazed that a company like HTC can produce such a nice and modern UI. It puts other big companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google to shame and it comes to user interface design.

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