AIR update framework for Flash CS4

While I was preparing for the upcoming eSeminar on AIR with Flash CS4, I researched on the topic of creating an AIR app that can detect version number and do update automatically. I found the following article by Jeff Swartz very easy to follow.

It works perfectly. Still as I think about the whole process, I wonder why we need the 2 xml files: updateConfig.xml and updateDescriptor.xml at all. The AIR update framework should allow the info of updateConfig.xml be scriptable in the AS code itself. And the checking of the version should be against the -app.xml that AIR packager generated. The updateDescriptor.xml is really redundant. I’m always striving for simplicity and the fact that I have to create 2 additional xml files is tedious work for me. Having said that at least the update framework works so I can’t complaint too much:)


~ by brianchau on November 7, 2009.

One Response to “AIR update framework for Flash CS4”

  1. The link not working the Adobe is moved the page from the location, do you have any information about new link?

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