Even Hitler is upset about Apple iPad not supporting Flash

I came across this funny YouTube video. Gotta laugh.

When it comes to tablet, at present I think Archos 9 is very promising as the 1st gen tablet, light and thin. Since it runs Win 7, of course it supports full Flash for web browsing as well as AIR for standalone apps. It would also be able to run Adobe Digital Edition for reading eBooks. And it is a real tablet that I can actually draw or handwrite on it ( for notetaking during meetings or lectures, for example).  I hope that Archos would beef up the spec over time as it is a bit underwhelming for now.

Archos 9 Archos 9


The other tablet that have my attention is the HP slate which was previewed at the CES 2010.

HP Slate HP Slate


I hope the tablet would have a display port so that at home or at office, it can be connect to a display monitor and together with keyboard and mouse so that it can work like a desktop computer. And if I can be greedy, I hope the tablet would have a built-in digital TV tuner (DBV-T) antenna and it would be my ideal traveling gadget.


~ by brianchau on January 29, 2010.

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