First Flash Lite 4 phone on the market

With all the attention going onto Flash Player 10.1 on mobile, it is easy to forget or ignore all about Flash Lite. But Flash Lite is still here and indeed the first Flash Lite 4 phone is now available from Nokia. Check out their link at:

So what is Flash Lite 4, you may ask. It is the latest version of Flash browser plug-in for mobile devices based on Flash Player 10. And the best part is it fully supports Actionscript 3 and Flash Video. It even supports:

  • multi-touch
  • geolocation
  • accelerometer
  • remote shared object

Click this link to see list of full features. Indeed, you can create Flash Lite 4 content now from within Flash CS5.

I like the feature sets and I think it probably would address the need for many who simply want to view a full Flash website with their phone. Note that this Flash Lite 4 is a browser plug-in only and not for standalone Flash application, unlike previous Flash Lite 3. For this you would still need to wait for AIR 2 for mobile.


~ by brianchau on May 10, 2010.

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