Transparent AIR app from Flex

I was preparing for a Flex demo for building a tranparent AIR app. Lucky that I have FlexDaddy sitting next to me so he can give me some help. I thought that was helpful so I would like to share that with you here.

To create a transparent AIR app from Flash Builder, you would need to make the following modification to the Main-app.xml file:


Then you would need to add the following attributes to the <s:WindowedApplication> tag:

mouseDown=”stage.nativeWindow.startMove()”   // this enable draggable app

To quit the app, call the method:


If you would like to have drop shadow (and honestly who wouldn’t) for your app, add the drop shadow filter to the app container component:

    <s:DropShadowFilter />

So that’s all there is. Works for me 🙂


~ by brianchau on June 1, 2010.

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