Sliding Puzzle AIR game built with Flash CS5

I came across this wonderful flash component, the Sliding Puzzle, at the Adobe Flash Exchange:

However, a Flash game running inside a browser would mean that the photo need to come from a web server, along with limitations like the game is for online access only. So I have created a simple AIR app using this component. It let users pick a photo (jpg or png) off their local hard drive, either from the File Menu or by drag and drop from desktop.

I have uploaded the source files (. fla, .as and others) as a zip file available for download at:*w3OsNWN8eph7YjguzdHw

Note that though the AIR app was built for Windows only.


~ by brianchau on June 27, 2010.

5 Responses to “Sliding Puzzle AIR game built with Flash CS5”

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    i like this online free games site

  2. good post, i like it, very useful, thanks

  3. Hello –

    I was excited to see this – because I want to make a sliding puzzle for my kid – but the download doesn’t work for me. It appears iinet is no longer hosting the .zip. Is it possible to get hold of the .as and .fla files anywhere, please? Many thanks.

  4. tang ina mo

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