HP Slate 500 – A Tablet worthy for Education

Finally there is a tablet that I think is a good education device for use in classroom. The tablet I am tallking is the HP Slate 500 which runs the full feature Win 7 OS for all my desktop apps (Office, Adobe software including Flash and AIR and others). Apart from finger multi-touch, it supports a digitzer pen which is great for use in classroom for notetaking and drawing. In other words, this tablet is great for not just consuming content but to create digital content as well.  It has a good size screen of 8.9 inches and weight only 1.5 lb so it is easy to carry around. And when at home, it can be connected to big screen display, keyboard and mouse, etc for full desktop experience. It is a bit pricey though for education at US$799. I hope the price can come down over time to make it more affordable for parents and schools. But for now, if I have to pick a tablet for school use, I would choose this one.



~ by brianchau on November 10, 2010.

One Response to “HP Slate 500 – A Tablet worthy for Education”

  1. Intersting discussion topic. Have you seen the new TeacherTube tablet called KENNA? Here is their site – kennatablet.com

    I am the IT Director of our district and they are awesome! Also they come standard 10″, 16GB, Bluetooth, and wifi at $249!

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