Android Screencast for displaying device screen on computer

After my last post, I was still searching for a software that can display my Android device (phone or tablet) on a computer screen. I do a lot of presentation and the ability to show the device screen to a group of audience is very handy.

I have finally found a screencast app for Android devices!!!
It is called Android Screencast. It works on my HTC Desire running Android 2.2 (stock ROM) and my Barnes and Noble Nookcolor (rooted with Android 2.2).

For stock ROM, the screencast will display the device screen on the computer. For rooted ROM, you can also use the computer keyboard and mouse to control the device.

At present, the screen refresh rate is a bit slow, like 1 fps or so on my ThinkPad X300. Not great if you want to demo animation of the device. And the screencast doesn’t handle device screen rotation at all. So phone will display in portrait mode only and tablet in landscape mode only.

Apart from the above, it is a great tool when doing presentation with Android devices. Plug and USB cable and run the software and your audience
will be able to see your device screen. No more messy setup of a separate overhead projection unit. And the display quality is way better.

You can find it here:

Link to the open source project at:

Update: I have found yet another app that does the same thing: The Android Screenshot and Screen Capture by The benefit of this program is that it allows for manual rotation of the display. So I think I will use this instead.


~ by brianchau on March 13, 2011.

4 Responses to “Android Screencast for displaying device screen on computer”

  1. Thanks for the tips. Hope these screencasting apps continue to improve as there is definitely a need.

  2. Right clicking turns the screen. The app seems to have issues with Motorola Devices at least with 3 and Razr where you cannot remotely access it but other than that it works.

  3. I have actually used Android Screencast as an automated test tool with Sikuli… works great!

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