NSW DET SWSR Inspire Innovate ICT Conference

At the Inspire Innovate ICT Conference (http://www.icteach.com.au/conference.php) I have a session on the topic of “Everbody loves mobile apps. Let’s create one or two.” Mobile technologies have brought great transformation to the way “teachers teach and students learn”. While mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are wonderful devices for consuming content, it isn’t too hard to learn how to create content with software like Adobe Flash.

MobileLearning is the PDF slides attached with the Flash demo files used at the session. Click the above link to download. Note that it is a pdf file and you would need to open it with Adobe Reader X or Acrobat X. Click on the paperclip at the navigation pane will reveal the 2 sample flash files which you can open in Flash CS5.


~ by brianchau on March 28, 2011.

One Response to “NSW DET SWSR Inspire Innovate ICT Conference”

  1. I have enjoyed your taster and workshop sessions tremendously. You have a very good way of making concepts easy to understand

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