A new era for Windows 8 means new opportunities for software developers

Microsoft has unveiled Windows 8 at the Build conference and developers can now download a preview of Windows 8 at:


It is an exciting time for us computer enthusiasts seeing the innovation of technologies especially from the last few years. I feel that 2010/2011 brought us the iPad phenomenon and significantly altered the technology landscape. Along with iPad and iPhone came the Apple Appstore and the hundreds of thousands of applications built by small software development house. It is interesting to observe that the most downloaded free or paid apps are typically built by smaller software companies. The traditional big software companies (of which there are only a handful, Adobe included) which dominate the desktop software market mostly fail to respond to the App market quick enough to compete. The bigger the company the less agile they become. Indeed it is difficult to adjust the business model of selling thousands dollar worth of software to one that sells lots cheaper but to the wider market.

I think the 2012/2013 will take us to a new era with Windows 8 which unifies the desktop, laptop and tablet all under the same OS. Indeed to me these devices are all personal computer just in different form factor. Along with Windows 8 come the Metro style apps that are meant to be touch friendly, as distinct from the classic Win32 app which are mouse-centric. Windows 8 can run both types of apps but I see smaller software development houses can again do very well in this marketplace. It is hard to compete with the few big software companies like Adobe in the traditional desktop software but this new bred of apps is a totally different battleground. And the odds are in their favour.

During 2010/2011 iPads and HTML5 came in such rapid pace that Adobe needs to respond midway with CS5.5. I don’t know how big software companies are going to respond with Windows 8 in 2012/2013. But I am happy with more competition. It is good for the customers and good for the employees. So bring it on.



~ by brianchau on September 15, 2011.

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  1. Is this Brian Chau from Sydney Grammar

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