My Samsung Galaxy Note experience

Having used the Samsung Galaxy Note for over 2 weeks, I can say that it is the most satisfying smartphone for me so far. Initially I have great reservation about its size. But I soon got used to it and now every other phones look tiny to me. The generous 5.3 inches screen, together with the pressure sensitive S-pen make this a really portable and productive device. Who would want to write or draw with finger when you can use a proper pen. At present it runs on Android Gingerbread. I can’t wait for Samsung to update it with Ice-cream Sandwich and the collection of S-Pen apps. I have also tested the 8 mp camera and have to say the image quality is surprisingly good.

I got the phone from Vodafone and am glad that its network  is performing well for me so far. To top it off the Galaxy Note  comes with the Navigon GPS software with ANZ/NZ updatable maps. Locking the GPS signal takes only a sec or two. Amazing.

For presentation to a roomful of people, I have bought the MHL cable which output HDMI from the USB port. However, some data projector may only have VGA interface. So I went to eBay and bought an HDMI-to-VGA adapter. Now I can connect my Galaxy Note to any data projector wherever I go.


All in all, I can highly recommend this phone to anyone reading this post.


~ by brianchau on April 28, 2012.

21 Responses to “My Samsung Galaxy Note experience”

  1. Great review! I just picked up a new Galaxy Note. I also had concerns about the size, but I’m happy to say my concerns were unfounded. The Galaxy Note is a great device and I think the clear screen, S-Pen, and long battery life are outstanding features of the device.

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  3. may i know .. how much did you spend for both MHL Cable and HDMI-to-VGA adapter?

    • I bought the MHL cable and the HDMI-VGA adapter from the eBay store. I forgot how much I spent, probably 30 dollars or so for each item. You can search at eBay. There are plenty to choose from.

      • Do you have any idea how to connect samsung galaxy tab note 10.1 to projector. I really need it for my presentation…tq

  4. Experience an amazing blend of style, performance and features on the Samsung Galaxy S3. This smartphone comes bundled with a host of features

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  5. Hi, I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, N7100. I have the Samsung micro USB MHL to HDMI adapter and like you I need to connect it to a projector. I also have the HP HDMI to VGA adapter connected to the MHL to HDMI cable. Unfortunately, this setup does not work in my case. Both adapters work perfectly on their own but not together. Maybe you have any suggestions, which cables exactly did you use, as apparently this is important?
    Thanks for your response.

    • Not all HDMI-VGA cables are the same. I found that out when I connected my Lenovo Thinkpad tablet to a data projector using the ASUS HDMI-to-VGA cable. It only output I think 640×480. So it was very fuzzy. I then bought a no-brand HDMI-VGA cable from eBay and it works perfectly, 1280×720 output.

      • I looked up the specifications of the HP adapter cable and it says “Supports full-size high definition resolutions of 720p and 1080p on an external display” but I don’t even get an image through, just a dark grey screen, seemingly getting an input from the MHL cable but nothing else. Do you think a no-brand would help? Or maybe I should just buy a MHL micro usb to VGA cable?

      • Did you connect the power adapter to the MHL-HDMI cable? The phone in itself wouldn’t be able to supply enough power to drive the display.

        And I was told that HDMI-VGA adapter includes a chip so it is not just a simple cabling of wires as such.

      • Yes, I did connect the power cable and tested it with an hdmi connection. I think it’s the handshake between the two cables that doesn’t seem to work, as my HP hdmi to vga works perfectly with my Blackberry Playbook.

  6. Hi
    thanks for the blog
    I got the cable and connected to a projector, nothing.
    What setting do you set on your galaxy or is there an app??

  7. I too get nothing. Tested the HDMI to VGA adapter with my xbox and get a picture, connect my phone via the MHL adapter to my HDMI input on the TV get a perfect picture. Combine the two and i get a screen with a flicker but nothing else. Tested it on my VGA monitor and i just get a green screen. So obviously a signal but not getting through correctly!
    Is there any way to change the settings on the ext display?
    Any help would be great as i have tried everything i can think of now to atach my phone to my 3M Mpro120 projector.

  8. Hi … I have the hdmi vfa adaptir but the projector screen turns black when I connect, any possibke reason fir this?

  9. If you got the MHL cable for a S3 or a Note2 it won’t work with a S2 or a Note1. The OTG cable is the same for all of this devices.

  10. A few people seem to have problem mirroring the screen from Galaxy Note to data projector. As it involved a few componets: MHL cable, USB charger and cable, and a HDMI-VGA adapter. So it can be complicated to troubleshoot. I would suggest doing one at a time to identify the problem. Is the MHL (together with the USB charger and cable) able to display to an HDMI display properly? Does the HDMI-VGA adapter work with other device like a computer with HDMI output? If all work above, then I can only assume there are some compatibility between the HDMI signal from the Galaxy Note to the HDMI-VGA adapter. Maybe I am lucky the one I bought from eBay works well.

  11. I purchased on ebay a micro USB to VGA converter for my Note 3 – similar to the one you showed. Connection to my PC monitor failed. No signal.
    Any ideas from anyone?

  12. I think I found the cause.
    The Note 2, has a 11-pin micro usb.
    Previous versions have a 5-pin micro usb.
    I think 11-pin would work, but 5-pin not.
    Probavly you have bought the right one. I have probably the wrong one.
    Can anyone confirm?

  13. Restarting the mobile after connecting both VGA and charger helps for my Samsung Galaxy Note 1. And also make sure you are using landscape for mobile display at the initial.

    1. Connect to VGA (projector)
    2. Connect to charger
    3. Turn on your mobile display to allow ‘Screen Rotation’ (for Landscape)
    3. Restart your mobile and view any app or page in landscape mode

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